We also offer predictive analytics as a Saas. Some prediction that we have done are:

Empty basket Prediction

Our Empty basket prediction function pre-populates the basket when the user logs in.The customer may not have an explicit preference for the order in which items are added, rather he or she may add items in whichever order is most convenient. In particular, the customer may add items in the order provided by the recommender system, which means the predictions actually alter the sequence in which events appear.

Price Prediction / Estimator

Our Price Prediction / Estimator predicts the product prices.


Inventory and demand Sensing

Our inventory and demand sensing function addresses all classes of inventory including, finished goods, raw material and work in progress, Solves maximum levels in order to avoid waste that eats into margins and impact sustainability goals. Boosts earnings by controlling waste of short shelf life items.


Appliance Prediction

Using real time meter readings ,we can predict the type of electrical instruments people are using . We can find out which item is not efficient and consuming more electricity .



Supply chain Management Personalization

For a company having a huge supply chain network , we can predict what items have to stocked depending upon the purchasing patterns of the individual buying centers . This would help companies reduce their supply chain costs.


Customer Segmentation /Target Marketing

Predict which customers will best respond to a particular marketing campaign .