Recommendation Engine and Personalization

A recommender system generates meaningful recommendations to a collection of users for items or products that might interest them . It would also help in better and relevant product discovery in case of a huge number of products.

ExpertRec’s machine learning algorithms automatically learn from the browsing behavior, device dynamics, widget dynamics, location, purchases , ratings , time spent, scrolling, likes etc of the user on your website and predicts what items and how to (position/ranking/location of) recommend to them . It works seamlessly on all platforms and devices.

You can choose to integrate from the following widgets

  • On Product Page
    1. Viewed also viewed.
    2. Viewed ended up buying.
    3. Similar products.
    4. Top sellers.
    5. Bought also bought.
    6. Recently viewed.
  • On home page
    1. Recommended for you

With our powerful real time monitoring dashboards , you can track vital metrics such as conversion rates , traffic , widget performance etc in real time.


Email Personalization

Send personalized and automated emails to your users based on their behavior on your website . For example “ You recently viewed Timex watch ...Here are a few products recommendations for you “.. Or When a user places certain products in the cart and then abandons it , you can send a personalized email giving a certain discount on the product. This can boost your conversion rates.


Call Center Personalization

Real time personalization for call centers . For example when a customer calls the call center , based on the customer’ behavior on the website ,we can provide real time recommendations for the telecaller so that he can try to sell relevant products to the users.