Expertrec’s Intelligent search helps your users find products more relevant to their personal tastes and needs . With our search you can find out real user intent and help them discover relevant and more personalized products.

Key Features

Real time cloud based fast predictive search

Our cloud based search works real time as you type in the search box. The response time is 0.1 seconds and allows the customers to find relevant products extremely quick.


Product recommendations in search

Our powerful search engine’s recommendations makes the customer find his product effortlessly and like a flash. It predicts the product what a customer is looking for at the same time when he starts searching in the search bar and keeps the recommendations updating throughout until he finds the product. Collaborative-filtering algorithm is being used here which makes the customer experience outstanding.


Spell correction and synonyms

Our spell correct function can fix typing errors and displays suggestions for the correct keyword. Mistakes happen, especially when people search on your website or app. Spell-correct is built-in and will automatically suggest corrections to the users when applicable.


Machine Learning Search results Re-ranking

Our machine learning algorithms automatically learn from the user behavior and re-ranks results to optimize the user experience . You can also re-rank the results to match your business goals. Users will not be able to see intended results without spending time for further surfing. The ranking algorithms used by our recommender system provide results based on ranking.


Dashboards to monitor search patterns